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Most of her training has been hands on through her professional career. She is dedicated to the advancement of technology and desires to bring the older generation with her. Brittany is a native of Northwest Indiana. When not working on techy things, she enjoys vacationing with her husband, spending time with her daughter Harmony and attending church.

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Brittany Taylor founded Taylor Tech Solutions LLC, formerly known as  I Tech Teach You LLC in the fall of 2017. She saw a need that was not being filled in the region. Grandparents and parents alike deserved to know how to take selfies and how to properly post on social media! 

Brittany has been knowledgeable in the technology industry since 2001. She went to a very competitive high school and college and learned the fundamentals of computers and technology. Her skill set includes Java Script, Java, some coding, and she is fluent in video uploading. She also is the Senior University Smartphone Instructor for Indiana University Northwest, Oak Street Health and various other Organizations.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Taylor Tech Solutions LLC is to train, equip, and simplify your technological needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced smartphone user, we have developed a training program for you! We are committed to teaching at your pace and encouraging your development.

We make technology work for you!

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